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Laboratory testing
on easy way.
With the results you can you understand.

With our tests, collecting samples is easy. Fast and free delivery makes it easy to send samples, and the results and insight into professional sample analysis are available in just a few days!

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Diagnostic tests in 3 easy steps

1. Choose your test

Choose and order one or more of our tests to cover your health needs. Order with delivery and avoid sitting in a doctor’s office or clinic.

2. Take a sample

With the received set, take a biological sample at home and return it to us the same day using the enclosed sticker for prepaid shipping.

3. Get results

Once your sample arrives at the lab, get your results and report through our online platform within 2 to 5 days.

Understandable test results

You do not need medical knowledge to understand your results, as each result is given the opinion of a doctor.

Within a few days, the results and results of your investigations will be available through our online application. You have an insight into the tests you have ordered in a simple and transparent way. Samples are analyzed by accredited laboratories and experienced biomedical science professionals.

Why NYD?

Every day we help people to better manage their health and identify problems sooner in order to avoid serious health problems

Credible results

Your samples are processed by the best accredited laboratories in the world.

Comprehensive findings

A team of doctors reviews your results.

Video consultation

Doctors are available for video consultation at a distance.

Always available

You keep track of your lab results and trends in one place.

We work with highly accredited laboratories

Our partner laboratories are leading and internationally recognized public health laboratories based on
state-of-the-art knowledge, trusted laboratory tests, professional support and multidisciplinary
approach. For fast and reliable analysis of samples, we use an automated process, anonymized personal
customer data and modern technology.

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Do you have questions?

If you are worried about sexually transmitted diseases or if you are just entering a new relationship NYD.care provides quality testing for possible sexually transmitted diseases.

The test needs to be activated, as this gives you access to the web portal where your results are located.

At NYD.care, we directly and indirectly employ educated health professionals who offer excellent service.

You can select samples and send them to us at the most appropriate time.

NYD.care protects your data with European GDPR legislation and the best cyber security protocols.

The testing process is very precise, as NYD.care pursues the goals of the highest quality service, employing only the best staff and following the most advanced procedures of modern medicine.

For business partners

As a partner of your practice or company, NYD can provide easy laboratory testing for your patients, clients, or employees. Contact us for a tailor-made offer.

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