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What Is NYD Diagnosis and What Do We Do?

We are a young company providing diagnostics and a range of other services, mainly in the field of preventive medicine and preventive therapies. NYD Diagnostics is a brand that stands behind the quality of its services and provides the best standards. We have therefore created a strong mutual trust with our customers, which is currently lacking in the field of diagnostics and tests. And many people probably know us for our testiraj.si service.

What is the purpose of NYD Diagnostics?

We note that in the preventive healthcare space, there is a big gap between providers of quality services, where people are mostly waiting in long queues. However, due to poor practices, people usually rarely have a positive experience with such providers. That’s why, with a dedicated team, we have decided to provide the best possible service, where customers are informed quickly, where customers have the option of ordering online and where customers receive the most accurate results in the shortest possible time, but with the best possible user experience.

How do we guarantee the effectiveness of our service?

When recruiting staff, we pay attention to the relevant qualifications of our employees, checking their suitability and evidence of training, previous internships and competences. After the suitability check, employees are gradually inducted into their new roles, reducing the chance of errors and increasing efficiency. And we use modern technology to keep patients informed about diagnoses and test results.

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