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What is Intravenous Vitamin Therapy or Mayer’s Cocktail?

Intravenous (IV) vitamin therapy is a sophisticated way of adding high concentrations of vitamins and minerals directly into the bloodstream. This allows for the rapid absorption of higher doses of vitamins and minerals than if a person were to receive them through food or supplements.

Vitamins and minerals are delivered via a fluid through a small tube inserted into a vein. Infusions usually last between 20 minutes and an hour, depending on the amount of the dose and the size of the person’s blood vessels. Mayer’s cocktail is a popular formula among complementary medicine providers for IV vitamin therapy. So, Mayer’s formula consists of high doses of B vitamins, vitamin C and minerals (magnesium and calcium) mixed with sterile water. However, some infusion doctors have changed the amounts of vitamins in the Mayer cocktail (this is called a modified Mayer cocktail). Other doctors have also individualised doses for the frail, the elderly and children.

How does Intravenous Vitamin Therapy work?

IV vitamin therapy is supposedly best for people who cannot get enough vitamins and minerals. So, it is suitable for anyone who cannot consume enough good quality food to meet the basic needs of the immune system.

Conversely, some advocates argue that IV vitamin therapy can improve well-being even in people who are not vitamin (or mineral) deficient. According to many researchers, such IV vitamin therapies can solve the following problems:

  • You can treat dehydration after extreme exercise or too much alcohol intake
  • Strengthen your immune system
  • Increase energy levels and reduce fatigue
  • Eliminate stress, anxiety and depression
  • Remove toxins from your body
  • Treat an alcohol hangover and headache
  • Treatment of asthma, allergies, chronic sinusitis, high blood pressure, fibromyalgia, diabetes, heart disease and acute muscle cramps
  • Treat migraines and other headaches

Does IV Vitamin Therapy Really Work?

Vitamin infusions have gained popularity in recent years. Patients who want a Mayer cocktail for their general well-being can find these or similar treatments at various clinics and health centres.

Numerous studies and reviews show that Mayer’s cocktail can benefit overall well-being, immune function and energy levels. It is also known that adequate levels of vitamins are essential for optimal health. Therefore, most health professionals believe that the benefits may outweigh the possible side effects. Healthcare providers should discuss all possible benefits and side effects with their patients and take into account the patient’s full medical history before starting treatment with Mayer’s Cocktail. IV therapy. As with any treatment, patients should be well informed and discuss their treatment options with their doctor.

Possible Side Effects

A common effect of IV doses of magnesium is a warming or flushing sensation. It can be felt on the skin of the chest, pelvis or face. This is not usually something that is uncomfortable for the patient. Calcium is also known to have similar effects in some cases.

The combination of magnesium and potassium can also cause problems in some individuals, as magnesium can stimulate intracellular potassium uptake. This uptake can trigger hypokalaemia and convulsions for up to several hours after the infusion. There is also a minimal risk of digoxin-induced cardiac arrhythmias.

If thiamine is given as an IV vitamin therapy, there is also a small risk of arrhythmias in some patients. Again, this is not common and usually results from its combination with magnesium.

It should also be noted that whenever the body has an excess of vitamins, it naturally increases secretion. People on dialysis or with kidney problems may not need the same amount of vitamins as a person with healthy kidneys. The patient’s healthcare professional must change the treatment accordingly.

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