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TODA Nasal Self Test

TODA Nasal Self Test


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  • But the test is included in the Slovenian Central Medicines Database
  • But the COVID-19 nasal self-test is a quick self-test for nasal detection of COVID-19. It allows rapid and efficient detection of coronavirus infection (SARS-CoV-2) in 15 minutes, which greatly facilitates virus screening.
  • But the Nasal Autovtest COVID-19 allows the direct diagnosis of Covid-19 (SARS-CoV-2) in the context of a viral pandemic.
  • It presents the best results in 122 major tests on the European market according to a comparative study by the Paul Ehrlich National Center and 6 national institutes commissioned by the German Ministry of Health: A comparative study
  • Detect versions: Omicron (B.1.1.529), United Kingdom (B1.1.7), South Africa (B.1.351), Brazil (P.1), Delta (B1.617.1), Delta + (B.1.617. 2 ) .


Trichomonas, Candida, Gardnerella

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You can order the test kit on our website or buy it at one of the points of sale. Before taking the test, please activate the test on our website. Only then can you get results.


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Take a sample in an easy way. Here are instructions on how to perform the test procedure painlessly and quickly. The kit includes everything you need to successfully take a biological sample. After collection, the delivery service takes the sample free of charge at a location that you determine when activating the test.


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If the results of the examinations you have performed show major discrepancies or the presence of an infection, you have the option of simply ordering a consultation with a doctor at a distance. Our experienced doctors will kindly advise you on how to proceed.

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If you are worried about sexually transmitted diseases or if you are just entering a new relationship NYD.care provides quality testing for possible sexually transmitted diseases.

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