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Rapid test – Chlamydia


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Patris Health® rapid self-test for syphilis, a sexually transmitted disease caused by a bacterium
Treponema pallidum

The test is completely anonymous (you take the test at home) and the result is displayed within 10 minutes. Testing is reasonable at least 5 weeks after possible infection!

The rapid syphilis test works with 97% accuracy. It is manufactured in accordance with ISO13495 and CE certified for domestic use (obtained from European Notified Body 0483). The reliability of the test has been verified by extensive clinical studies confirming its effectiveness.

You will receive the complete testing package in an unmarked parcel, via discreet delivery.


Protitelesa IgG, IgA in IgM proti bakteriji Treponema pallidum

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Key facts

Syphilis Test Patris Health® is an innovative medical diagnostic test for self-testing for sexually transmitted syphilis-causing Treponema pallidum infection. In 15 minutes you can check yourself at home, from a drop of blood from your finger, to see if you have syphilis .

  • Intended use: Detection of syphilis-causing Treponema pallidum infection.
  • Analyte tested: Antibodies IgG, IgA and IgM against Treponema pallidum .
  • For self-testing: Do the testing yourself at home.
  • Type of sample: Blood from a finger.
  • Test duration: 15 minutes.
  • Accuracy: At least 97%, clinically tested.
  • Certificates: ISO13485, CE0483
  • Compliance: European Directive 98/79 / EC on in vitro diagnostic medical devices.
  • Made in France
Key facts about the Patris Health® Syphilis Test.

Contents of the test kit

The Patris Health® Syphilis Test Kit includes:

  • one test device,
  • one test solution
  • two droppers for taking and transferring blood,
  • two lancets for blood sampling,
  • one alcohol wipe to disinfect the finger,
  • detailed instructions for use with an illustrative demonstration of the test procedure.

NOTE: You only need one dropper and one lancet for testing. An additional one dropper and one lancet are included as a spare if you may need them for testing.

Syphilis test Patris Health® – test kit contents.

Testing procedure

Very important! At least 5 weeks must have passed since sexual intercourse for testing for syphilis to make sense.

Testing is easy and takes place in three steps :

  1. You take a blood sample from your finger.
  2. Add blood and test solution to the test device.
  3. Wait 10 minutes for the result.

The syphilis test kit contains all the aids you need to be able to test yourself.

Demonstration of the test procedure with the Patris Health® Syphilis Test.

Reading the results

Read the syphilis test result visually as negative, positive, or invalid.

The color intensity of the test and control bars may differ. The only thing that matters is that they are visible, regardless of the intensity of the color.

Negative result: Only control bar (C) appears.

  • A negative result means that the test did not detect antibodies to Treponema pallidum in the blood sample.
  • In the first few weeks after infection, a negative result is possible because the immune system has not yet produced enough of the antibodies detected by the test.
  • If you have had risky sexual intercourse, repeat the test with new tests in the coming weeks.

Positive result: The control (C) and test (T) lines appear.

  • A positive result means that the test in the blood sample detected syphilis-specific antibodies.
  • Don’t panic , syphilis is treated with antibiotics.
  • Talk to your doctors about the next steps.

Invalid result: An invalid result occurs if you have not followed the test instructions exactly. Photograph the test device with the result and contact us at podpora@patris-health.si

Possible test results with the Patris Health® Syphilis Test

Patris Health® Syphilis Test Frequently Asked Questions

How does the Patris Health® Syphilis Test work?

The syphilis test is a serological (blood) test that detects IgG, IgA and IgM antibodies against Treponema pallidum .

The sample is blood from a finger that you take yourself and add to the test device. The test kit includes devices for taking blood from the finger – a lancet, a dropper and an alcohol wipe.

Antibodies appear in the blood of an infected individual after infection (in the case of syphilis, about 5 weeks after infection). Antibodies are produced by the immune system , which then circulates in the blood throughout the body looking for foreign bodies – in the case of syphilis, the bacterium Treponema pallidum to eliminate it.

How long after intercourse does it make sense to test for syphilis with the Patris Health® Syphilis Test?

At least 5 weeks must have passed since sexual intercourse for testing for syphilis to make sense.

The incubation period varies between individuals. The concentration of treponemal antibodies increases over time and peaks one to two years after infection. In most infected people, specific antibodies can be detected five weeks after infection ( 6-14 days after the development of the primary chancre ). 1

If you have had risky sexual intercourse and the test for syphilis is negative , repeat the tests in the following weeks. It is possible that the antibody concentration is still not high enough for the test to detect.

1 Peeling, R., Mabey, D., Kamb, M. et al. Syphilis. Nat Rev Dis Primers 3, 17073 (2017).

Is the Patris Health® Syphilis Test useful for monitoring the course of syphilis treatment?

No. Once you are infected, antibodies against T. pallidum remain in your body for the rest of your life, despite being successfully treated (you no longer have syphilis). Be aware that you can become infected again and get syphilis.

Serological tests for the detection of treponemal antibodies are not useful for assessing the effectiveness of treatment. 2 Consult your doctor about the appropriate examination.

2 Peeling, R., Mabey, D., Kamb, M. et al. Syphilis. Nat Rev Dis Primers 3, 17073 (2017).

How long after infection do antibodies to Treponema pallidum remain in the blood?

We often receive the question from individuals who are interested in whether they have been infected at any time in the past.

Antibodies characteristic of syphilis remain in the blood for life. If someone was infected 10, 20, 40 or more years ago, a syphilis test still makes sense.

With the exception of chancre (ulcer), which is a characteristic sign of syphilis, other symptoms such as fever and headache were quickly overlooked. When syphilis enters a latent phase (dormant period), the symptoms do not appear. 3 This means that a person can live with syphilis for many years without even knowing it.

3 Peeling, R., Mabey, D., Kamb, M. et al. Syphilis. Nat Rev Dis Primers 3, 17073 (2017).

How accurate and reliable is the Patris Health® Syphilis Test?

The Patris Health® Syphilis Test is at least 97% accurate . In three clinical studies, it showed the correct result in 97% of cases.

A clinical performance evaluation study included 1,661 cases , including infected individuals and confirmed blood samples.

The test is based on reliable and proven technology. It has been used for medical purposes for over 15 years .

The Patris Health® Syphilis Test is manufactured in France from high-quality materials according to the ISO13485 standard. The test is CE0483 certified in Germany and approved for self-testing by a European Notified Body.

What should I do if the test doesn’t work?

If for any reason the test does not work, take a photo and send us a photo by e-mail to podpora@patris-health.si

Please note: Our test kits are easy to use and developed especially for inexperienced individuals. Errors occur mainly when the instructions for use are not followed exactly. Testing steps should not be skipped. The test kit contains detailed and illustrative instructions for use . If you follow them carefully, you will not have any problems.

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How to take a sample


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We offer a number of tests that give you insight into your health and detect possible infections with bacteria or viruses. The NYD provides you with tests to check for sexually transmitted infections, gastrointestinal health, and general health.


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You can order the test kit on our website or buy it at one of the points of sale. Before taking the test, please activate the test on our website. Only then can you get results.


Take a sample

Take a sample in an easy way. Here are instructions on how to perform the test procedure painlessly and quickly. The kit includes everything you need to successfully take a biological sample. After collection, the delivery service takes the sample free of charge at a location that you determine when activating the test.


Follow the test

Our kits include a prepaid envelope to send a sample to our lab. You can monitor what is happening with your test through the online application. You will also be notified when the status changes.


Get the report

Within a few days, the results and results of your investigations will be available through our online application. You have an insight into the tests you have ordered in a simple and transparent way. Samples are analyzed by accredited laboratories and experienced biomedical science professionals.


Consult a doctor

If the results of the examinations you have performed show major discrepancies or the presence of an infection, you have the option of simply ordering a consultation with a doctor at a distance. Our experienced doctors will kindly advise you on how to proceed.


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Do you have questions?

If you are worried about sexually transmitted diseases or if you are just entering a new relationship NYD.care provides quality testing for possible sexually transmitted diseases.

The test needs to be activated, as this gives you access to the web portal where your results are located.

At NYD.care, we directly and indirectly employ educated health professionals who offer excellent service.

You can select samples and send them to us at the most appropriate time.

NYD.care protects your data with European GDPR legislation and the best cyber security protocols.

The testing process is very precise, as NYD.care pursues the goals of the highest quality service, employing only the best staff and following the most advanced procedures of modern medicine.

Do you have questions?

Test za sifilis je serološki (krvni) test, ki zazna protitelesa IgG, IgA in IgM proti bakteriji Treponema pallidum. Vzorec je kri s prsta, ki jo odvzamete sami in jo dodate na testno napravo. Komplet za testiranje vsebuje pripomočke za odvzem krvi s prsta – lanceto, kapalko in alkoholni robček. Protitelesa se v krvi okuženega posameznika pojavijo po okužbi (v primeru sifilisa približno 5 tednov po okužbi). Protitelesa proizvede imunski sistem, ki nato krožijo s krvjo po telesu in iščejo tujke – v primeru sifilisa bakterijo Treponema pallidum, da jo eliminirajo.

Miniti mora vsaj 5 tednov od spolnega odnosa, da je testiranje na sifilis smiselno. Inkubacijska doba se med posamezniki razlikuje. Koncentracija treponemskih protiteles se s časom povečuje in doseže vrh ena do dve leti po okužbi. Pri večini okuženih je specifična protitelesa mogoče zaznati pet tednov po okužbi (6-14 dni po razvoju primarnega čankarja).1 Če ste imeli tvegani spolni stik in je rezultat testa za sifilis negativen, ponovite testiranja v naslednjih tednih. Možno je, da koncentracija protiteles še vedno ni dovolj velika, da bi jo test lahko zaznal.

Ne. Ko ste okuženi, ostanje protitelesa proti T. pallidum v telesu celo življenje, kljub temu, da se bili uspešno zdravljeni (nimate več sifilisa). Zavedajte se, da se lahko ponovno okužite in zbolite za sifilisom. Serološki testi za detekcijo treponemskih protiteles niso uporabni za ocenjevanje učinkovitosti zdravljenja.2 O ustrezni preiskavi se posvetujte s svojim zdravnikom.

Vprašanje pogosto prejmemo od posameznikov, ki jih zanima, če so bili okuženi kadarkoli v preteklosti. Protitelesa značilna za sifilis ostanejo v krvi celo življenje. Če je bil nekdo okužen pred 10, 20, 40 ali več leti, je test za sifilis še vedno smiselen. Razen čankarja (razjede), ki je značilen znak sifilisa, so ostali simptomi kot sta vročina in glavobol hitro spregledani. Ko sifilis preide v latentno fazo (obdobje mirovanja), se simptomi ne pojavijo.3 To pomeni, da lahko oseba živi s sifilisom mnogo let, ne da bi za to sploh vedela.

Test za sifilis Patris Health® je najmanj 97 % natančen. V treh kliničnih študijah je pokazal pravilen rezultat v 97 % primerov. Klinična študija ovrednotenja delovanja je zajela 1661 primerov, vključnos okužene posameznike in potrjene vzorce krvi. Test temelji na zanesljivi in preverjeni tehnologiji. Za medicinske namene ga uporabljajo že več kot 15 let. Test za sifilis Patris Health® je proizveden v Franciji iz visoko-kakovostnih materialov po standardu ISO13485. Test je CE0483 certificiran v Nemčiji in odobren za samotestiranje s strani evropskega priglašenega organa.

Če zaradi kakršnega koli razloga test ne deluje, ga fotografirajte in fotografijo pošljite po e-pošti na naslov info@nyd.care. Prosimo upoštevajte, da so kompleti za testiranje preprosti za uporabo in razviti še posebej za posameznike brez izkušenj. Napake se dogajajo predvsem, ko se navodila za uporabo ne upoštevajo natančno. Korakov testiranja se ne sme preskočiti. Komplet za testiranje vsebuje podrobna in ilustrativna navodila za uporabo. Če jih natančno upoštevate, ne boste imeli nobenih težav.

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